A series of fun, inclusive and engaging challenges over a 2 to 2.5 hour duration *(depending on the number of participants). Emphasis on communication, teamwork, trust and getting to know each other a little better. Teams identified by coloured bibs, compete for points on completion of each individual challenge.

    Challenges include;

    • Blindfold Train
    • Oval Run
    • Floor is Lava aka Walk the Plank
    • Loopy Hulas
    • Flip the Tarp
    • CSI Tug of War
    • 4 Any Which Way
    • Caterpillars
    • Pipeline
    • Giant X'S And O'S Relay
    • Land Boat Race
    • Sing Song March
  • THE CUBE +
    Our unique adaptation of the hit TV Challenge Show where the team replaces the individual to complete our CUBE Challenge.

    Depending on confirmed group size we would divide your group into 2, 3 or 4 teams. Team members then compete and rotate against the other team members to complete the series of challenges listed below. Each member gets to compete in every challenge to earn points for their fellow team mates as they compete to top the leaderboard to be crowned winners of the CUBE Challenge.

    Challenges include;

    • Top Loader
    • In the Red
    • Board Golf
    • Pipe Out
    • Lets Get Tipsy
    • Dizzy Show Jumping
    • Crazy Tetris
    • Dizzy Showjumping
    • CSI Can't see it!
    A round board with figurines placed on it is balanced on a pedestal, immediately focusing the group and captivating their attention. The teams’ task is to remove all figurines.

    A metaphor with a wide variety of possibilities for interpretation emerges: creating balance, experiencing interdependency but also dealing with risk and change.
    The trainer places 8 wooden blocks upright on the floor. Each team member picks up one of the ropes that are connected to a crane. The task is to use the crane to build a tower by placing the blocks on top of each other. The participants are not allowed to touch the blocks with their hands or any other part of their bodies.

    The task appears simple but with each block cut at a different angle and the need for all participants to work together, building the tower starts to get tricky! This task can only be solved by precise planning, good communication and well-organised teamwork.
    The idea for this construction comes from the universal genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Around 1480, he designed a transportable bridge that could be erected without tools. Important goals in team development create stability within the group and improve the ability to bridge gaps and overcome obstacles.

    Let your group face this challenge! Leonardo’s Bridge will result in visible success that will promote team spirit.
    You can almost feel the tension and the enthusiasm as the participants delicately set out the dominos! With only a limited amount of time available they have to create a domino cascade. Just as in any project, different teams work on sections of the cascade pattern.

    There are countless challenges to be met and specific requirements to be fulfilled in the process. Will the group manage to place the dominos in such a way that at least 75% of them fall over when the cascade is started?
  • THE MAZE +
    With a budget of ten €1,000 tokens, the group has the task of finding the hidden path across the field. After a short planning period, the group attempts the activity in silence. But there are traps and stumbling blocks along the way. If someone steps on the wrong square, the trainer gives a signal. Such unavoidable errors are not sanctioned. But, if the group repeats the same mistake again, the trainer gives the signal again and the group has to pay €1,000.

    Through mutual support and joint learning, the group manages to develop a strategy and use up as little money as possible so that, at the end, all participants can cross the field. The teams need to compensate for the weaknesses of individual members and silently develop a joint approach.
  • THE FLIP +
    ‘The Flip’. The whole group stands on the cloth. The task is to turn the cloth without stepping off it. With strategy and planning, even this challenge can be mastered! Learning names: a different way to learn names: 2 groups are formed who ‘hide’ themselves either side of The Maze, which is being held by 2 other people. Each group silently nominates a person to stand directly in front of the cloth. On a coordinated signal, the cloth is then dropped.

    The first to name the person from the opposite group wins the round. The ‘loser’ must go over to the winning group. The aim is to get all people from each group over to the other group, i.e. to switch sides.
    All participants form a circle around the TeamNavigator. Every person picks up one or two of the ropes. The goal is to move the pen in the centre across a sheet of paper and draw an arbitrary shape, e.g. the company logo. Another possibility is to draw along a maze set by the trainer.

    The first to name the person from the opposite group wins the round. The ‘loser’ must go over to the winning group. The aim is to get all people from each group over to the other group, i.e. to switch sides.
    Participants take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. There are 2 progressions (a) ELIMINATOR, where each block removed no longer features in the game and (b) STABILISER, where each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively more unstable structure.

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